Mega Jenga rental

Mega Jenga is a fun game, easy to deploy as a team play during family days or team outings. Construct the tower, who has 52 blocks of wood. Push, slide or pull a block from a layer of your choice and place it on top of the tower. Make sure that the tower remains standing, because of he falls you are the loser.

Rent Mega Jenga

The intention of this game is that you make it as difficult as possible for the opponent.  You can play in teams or in pairs, and it is suitable for different occasions. Who has the best insight, judgment ability or skill to let the Mega Jenga tower stand as long as possible? 


Size a piece Length 0.3 m x Width 0.07 m
Including -
Transport Size Length 0.5 m x Width 0.5 m x Height 0.3 m
Weight a piece 0,4 kg
Weight 52 pieces 21 kg
Delivery Setup Fees € 20,00 + 0,80 cents per kilometer
Accompany Our instructors can accompany the event. Accompany costs € 30,00 per hour per instructor.

Mega Jenga €20,00
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