Mega Mikado rental

Who doesn’t know mikado? Now there is also the mega mikado variant! Do you have a sports day, hexathlon or any other occasion and you want to rent mega mikado then that is absolutely possible. It’s nice to combine with other team games.

Rent Mega Mikado

The intention is that each team removes a stick at their turn if possible. You can use your hands and feet but you cannot touch another stick. If you do this it will be the turn for the other team. Which team will have the most points? Especially in our mega mikado we have 1 silver stick and 1 gold stick. Normally 1 stick is 1 point but the silver is 2 and the gold is worth 3 points. Challenge now your colleagues, friends, family or fellow students and play the game the smartest way! 


Size a piece Height 2.2 m x Width 0.02 m
Including -
Transport Size whole package Length 2.2 m x Width 0.15 m x Height 0.2m
Weight 1 piece 0,2 kg
Weight whole package 7 kg
Delivery Setup Fees € 20,00 + 0,80 cents per kilometer
Accompany Our instructors can accompany the event. Accompany costs € 30,00 per hour per instructor.

Mega Mikado €20,00
Met grotere aantal groepen of in combinatie met verschillende activiteiten vraag een offerte op maat aan.