Mega Twister rental

Looking for a game with plenty of hilarious moments? Look no further and choose the Mega variant of the game Twister. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for young and old! When you rent your second Mega Twister you can play against each other in a group race.

Rent Mega Twister

The intention of the game is that the players place their hands and feet at the appropriate color. The referee has the turntable which must be rotated, the arrow will point out which hand or feet must be put on the color where the arrow is pointing. Who is nimble enough and can maintain the longest his/her balance? Make sure you don’t get in a ‘knot’ and try to stand as long as possible. For each team, we have a row Mega Twister. Which team is the fastest across the other side? 

Size Length 6.8 m x Width 2.4 m
Including Tent Pegs, turntable , crate
Transport crate Size Lenght 0.6m x Width 0.5 m x Height 0.3 m
Weight 8 kg
Delivery Setup Fees € 20,00 + 0,80ct per kilometer
Accompany Our instructors can accompany the event. Accompany costs € 30,00 per hour per instructor.

Mega Twister €40,00
Met grotere aantal groepen of in combinatie met verschillende activiteiten vraag een offerte op maat aan.