Tug of War rental

Looking for a Tug of War for a party, team outing or event? Look no further! Which team dares to go on this showdown? It is possible to organize this activity both inside as outside. Which team plays the smartest and will not only make use of brute force?

Rent Tug of War

In the past there were already held Tug of War games at different events. It’s a game in which 2 teams have to pull at both ends of a rope. The middle of the rope is highlighted. The object of the game is that your team gets the rope 4 meters to your side to win the round. The distance is indicated by pawns. The Tug of War is present; now only we need is those who dare!

Size Length 21 m
Including Pawns
Transport Size crate Length 0.6 m x Width 0.4 m x Height 0.3 m
Weight 8 kg
Delivery Setup Fees € 20,00 + 0,80 cents per kilometer
Accompany Our instructors can accompany the event. Accompany costs € 30,00 per hour per instructor.

Tug of War €15,00
Met grotere aantal groepen of in combinatie met verschillende activiteiten vraag een offerte op maat aan.