Healthy Cooking Class

The program contains a combination of theory about talent, behaviour and/or collaboration, explanation about nutrition, the kitchen and making the menu, jointly preparing the dishes and a reflection at the table, while everyone enjoys their own cooking. The length of time ranges from 4 to 6 hours, depending on the menu, the size of the group and the topics. Because; the work is always of high level.

How do you collaborate?

What impact has nutrition on your performance?

Which in ingredients can you supply for a good cooperation?

You are in good company during this training/cooking class. You will be in a relaxed environment and everyone is in the kitchen with the same goal; cooking tasty and healthy food. But everyone acts in a different way. It's a fun, instructive and productive teambuilding session where you learn to cooperate while cooking. We are curious what you will make out of this workshop!

Food connects:
You will use all of your senses; see, hear, feel smell, and taste!

A combination of a cooking class with good food and a workshop about collaboration with your talents. 
Do you want to taste the talents in your own company?

That is possible!
By cooking a dish on a informal way you will discover each other's talents and you will improve together. 

The focus in this workshop is having with each other while cooking.
This cooking class is about getting insight into you talents. Besides, you will never eat so good in a training. 
In a relaxed setting, without judgements, discovering each other's (cooking) talents. Besides a wonderful evening is the kitchen where you prepare a tasteful dish in good company, you will learn more about yourself and your college's which will improve the collaboration.


Number of persons
From 8 to 20
4 hours
Price per person
Overview per minimum and maximum number of persons
8 20 € 135,00 p.p.
The prices shown exclude vat. Bigger groups in combination with different activities request a quote.