Personal Training & Coaching

Feel fit and healthy An increased amount of younger and older people suffer from overweight. We weigh too much, don't move enough. Everybody has their excuse; not enough time, not feeling up for it, too busy e.g. We would love to help you get back in shape.

We to try achieve this by more movement and a better nutrition. It's important to find a way of moving that you enjoy, in order to keep repeating it. This will have to be supplemented by a healthy nutrition. This is considered a diet, but we try to teach you what healthy food is, and at which moments you should eat.  Small changes in your life pattern could contribute to an improvement of your health and weight. We focus on applying a new lifestyle and an adjusted eating pattern. Making an appointment with us is the first step to improvement. 

Number of persons
From 1 to 100
Price per person
Overview per minimum and maximum number of persons
8 20 op aanvraag
21 40 op aanvraag
41 100 op aanvraag
101 op aanvraag
The prices shown exclude vat. Bigger groups in combination with different activities request a quote.