Working out at work

Core Stability Training We offer businesses core stability in group-form. The majority of absence at work by illness is caused by back- and knee complaints. By working out at work you will increase the strenght of these muscles and you will see absence by illness decline rapidly.

Businesses pay a lot of money for the improvement of work spaces and in the meantime healthcosts are rising through the roof. We increase the posture of employees and train the abdominal- and back muscles to help your employees with a better posture or to use their back better when they are carrying during work. This process will lead to less absence by illness. 

We use the BOSU®Balancetrainer during these work outs. 

Your employees will quickly gain results: 
- a stronger core, abdominal- and back muscles
- improved balance 
- More body awareness and better athetlic performances
- better posture, preventing (back) complaints 

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