How healthy are you?

Staying healthy is important for everyone. With this quick health check you know within minutes how healthy you are. The measurement is performed by our lifestyle coach.

The coach measures the following values:

• Weight
• BMI, body mass index (ratio of height and weight)
• Fat percentage
• Moisture content
• Bone mass
• Muscle
• Vascular fat (abdominal fat)

The health check can be optionally expandable with one or more options:
Option 1: Blood pressure measurement
Option 2: Blood sugar measurement
Option 3: Cholesterol measurement

After the measurement, the participant will receive a health passport in which the results of measurement are listed. This passport also be called normal. This allows the participant can immediately see whether his / her results fall within these values. When the results are outside this range, the participant has a good motivation to improve his / her lifestyle.

The health passport allows for multiple measurements. This allows the participants keep track of how health is improved by changes in his / her lifestyle. The passport participant also provides space to record the desired changes, or the targets. The lifestyle coach can help the participant during consultations to formulate objectives.

Number of persons
From 10 to 250
5 min
Healthy pasport
Price per person
Overview per minimum and maximum number of persons
8 20 op aanvraag
21 40 op aanvraag
41 100 op aanvraag
101 op aanvraag
The prices shown exclude vat. Bigger groups in combination with different activities request a quote.