Stresscoaching and personal training The stresscoach is a physical programme in which you will be trained on a mental as well as physical level. The added value in this lies in the fact that you will not only regain mental balance but you will also improve your physique.

Learning to deal with stress

Do you often feel tired, do you feel less productive and are you looking up to many of your daily tasks? Or do you feel like you are facing a burn-out if you keep on the same track? The stresscoach will bring you back on the right track, will make you feel fit again so that you can enjoy life again! 

Working on mind and body
How well you deal with stress is greatly determined by your mental and physical condition. Those in good shape can take more stress. This is why the stress coach focuses on the mind as well as the body. A professional coach will help you to deal with stressors in your private and work environment. You will also work on your stamina. This programme will gradually help you back to a healthy balance

Every course works towards 4 goals:

  • Getting into shape
    By means of physical exercise including running and cycling we will increase your fitness. 
  • Getting the best out of yourself 
    With help of mental coaching you will learn to deal with stress at work and in your personal life. Your resistant will increase and we will take a look at your functioning and career planning. 
  • Relaxing
    Those who can relax have the capability to put stress aside. By using special breathing- and relaxing exercises we will teach you how to take time for yourself so you can get that moment of peace back.
  • Enjoying
    Getting out of the house, doing fun things with family or friends, laughing and enjoying music: Those who can enjoy are in balance. 


This course consists out of 4 phases: 

(intake phase)
(problem solving phase)
(build-up/preventation phase)
(finishing stage)











During the intake conversation we will go through a questionnaire with you, we will measure your heart coherence and we will map your physical condition. We will also go through your needs, your current fitness level and exercise phase. 







Then we can determine where you are located on the stress curve and which training programme would fit your needs. 







Stress shows itself in many shapes and sizes. Some are more tensed due to recent experiences in the private environment, some are more tensed due to closing deadlines, and some are recovering from a burn out. This is why we offer several different packages.

We can determine which package is best for you after the intake phase. We wil advise you on what we think is best for you, but you make your own decision. Each programme teaches you how to manage your own health, in this way you will be able to independently manage your own stress after the programme has ended. The contents of the programme will be discussed in consultation between both parties.

We three packages available:

Package A: 6-week programme

Package B: 8-week programme

Package C: 12-week porgramme

There will be a weekly meeting that will last up to a maximum of 2 hours. You will be expected to work with the course material during the time between the weekly meetings. 

If you would like to know more- do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!

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