Building Kites

Let's take you back to your childhood The first record of making kites comes 400 years B.C. The 2-line stuntkite also known as the ''Ace'' from Peter Powell only gained popularity since 1960. During this activity everyone will make their own 2 line kites out of tyvek and you will learn how to tie you rown knots.

A snack and a drink can be added to the program
After fabricating the kites we will take them to the beach and test the quality of our own handmate kites! You will be able to take the kites home afterwards.
Various indoor and outdoor locations throughout the Netherlands

Number of persons
From 8 to 50
Outdoor, Indoor
3 hours
Materials, instructor(s)
Price per person
Overview per minimum and maximum number of persons
10 20 € 40,00 p.p.
21 50 € 37,50 p.p.
The prices shown exclude vat. Bigger groups in combination with different activities request a quote.