Escape Room (mobile)

Escape Room: The Lab (escape room on wheels)

Escape Room: The Lab (escape room on wheels)

Let me lock you up and make sure you are out as quickly as possible. Share your knowledge with others, because on your own it's impossible to escape. Use the attributes, search for clues and enter commands. Nothing is what it seems like! Imagine yourself in the studio of Michelangelo, or Einstein's living room. Be smart, creative, and work together. Only then you have a chance to escape.

Mobile escape room resembles the escape room you might already know, only on wheels! So you want an escape room in the parking lot of your business? Are you looking for a fun activity in the backyard during a family BBQ? Everything is possible and nothing is too crazy.

Mobile escape room is also a great winter event and can also be placed perfectly at the Christmas party at the office.
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Your own escape room placed where ever you want.
Price per person
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21 40 op aanvraag
41 100 op aanvraag
101 op aanvraag
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